Aidan Rantoul has spent his life engaged with sound. Beginning as a performing musician before moving on to songwriting and composing in bands, then recording and performing under and alongside accomplished producers, engineers and artists he then attended the Sound Design for Visual Media program at Vancouver Film School.

After study Aidan entered the live sound field and has been mixing and assisting at some of Vancouver's largest venues and historical theatres and venues including Vancouver's Pacific Coliseum, Orpheum, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, York Theatre and numerous other facilities.

During this time he also recorded numerous bands and artists in studio.

This wide background of experience helps understand a project from many perspectives, the artist, the engineer and the producer all to help you hone and craft your sounds and project efficiently.

Recording Engineer and Musical Performance Works

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2015 - Matt Hermano - S/T EP (Producer/Engineer/Bass) 
2013 - Caracas - Tambores y Tanques (Producer/Engineer/Bass)
2013 - Fire From Above - S/T EP (Producer/Engineer)
2013 - Barricades - S/T EP (Producer/Engineer)
2012 - The Veer Union "This World I Wanted" (Engineer/Bass)
2010 - Texas Blood Money - S/T LP (Songwriter/Bass) [Track 1] [Track 2]
2008 - Said The Whale - Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia (Bass)
2007 - Said The Whale - Taking Abalonia (Bass)
2007 - This Week In History - S/T EP (Songwriter/Bass)

Podcast Production, Editing and Mixing

Throughout the Bundesliga season Aidan produces, edits, mixes and composes music for Talking Fussball an English language podcast covering all of the weekly goings on in German football. Featuring Deutsche Welle on air personality Matt Herman, Bundesliga online editor James Thorogood and a cast of knowledgable guests. The hosts and guests record in different locations around the globe and Aidan stitches together their audio files into crisp conversational dialogue for their weekly podcasts.