Aidan Rantoul

Sound Technician / Musician

There is a science to sound! Elevate your production to the highest levels by tapping into years of professional recording studio and live sound reinforcement expertise. 

Whether it's learning how to make the best of the recording equipment that you already have via a one on one consultation or mixing a podcast recorded in multiple locations around the globe into a seamless recoding as if recorded together in one room I offer affordable services using audiophile professional grade restoration tools, software and hardware.

Services offered include:

  • Recording consultation

  • Forensic audio restoration and repair

  • Podcast production

  • Dialogue editing

  • Multi-track mixing 

  • Mastering for online mixed media content

  • Music composition

  • Recording artist / singer-songwriter production and recording packages

  • Post production audio services for video

  • Voice overs

For additional information on my experience and examples of my work please click here.

I am currently updating the website but I’m always excited to hear about new projects! please fill out the form below letting us know what you'd like to achieve and I’ll get back to you with how we can work together on making your production shine!

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